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Birthday Reminder is a simple application whose main purpose is to allow you to store information about the birthdays of the people you know, either family, friends or work colleagues, which can save you from any embarrassing situation that may arise from your forgetting about their birthdays.

The way in which the tool works is quite simple: it allows you to create a personal database where you can store information about the people you know. You will be asked to fill in a simple individual data sheet for each person whose birthday you want to be reminded about. The data sheets are as complex as is necessary to fit their purpose. Once you have completed a data sheet, it will automatically be added to the database and you will be able to view it at any time by introducing the name of the respective person in the "Show data for" field. To make sure that you have enough time to prepare for a birthday, you can press on one of the two inlays, "Birthdays This Month" or "Birthdays Today", which will display the data sheets of the persons whose birthdays should be celebrated on the respective month or day. You can also print the data sheets if you need them in paperback format.

All in all, Birthday Reminder is a tool that can prove useful for anyone who needs to be reminded about the birthdays of the people in their lives. Its reliability is provided by its ability to store a large number of individual data sheets which can also be printed.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • Individual data sheets for the people you know
  • User-friendly interface


  • It does not notify you automatically about someone's birthday
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